Our FamilyKirk Martin is a man whose life is nothing less than a miracle. The story of how he received a visit from an angel, and then a supernatural visit from God on the back of a home made tour bus in 1994, is an inspiring testimony of Gods true mercy and Grace towards us all. In this testimony, God offers a life changing look at this once hate filled, violent, totally destructive man turned passionate worship leader and evangelist, dedicated to reaching people with the truth of Gods never failing love .

Kirk’s candid approach about his personal experiences of selling his soul to satan, living a life of drug and alcohol abuse, violent and perverted self centered behaviors, and Gods amazing redemption that followed, offer a powerful life changing message that transcends all generations.

The work that God gives them, takes Kirk and his family around the world where they continue to be used by God, leading people into His presence, and sharing hope with the Lost and broken. God has given Kirk an unique ability to share the gospel, in any setting, to change hearts of people, from young to old.

This compelling testimony, Kirk´s marriage to Lesley and the music that God has given them to share with the world, are powerful examples that God is still doing real miracles today, true Living proof that God is alive and well, and moving among us, in us and though His people.




Thank you for taking the time to listen to Covenant. This praise and worship music was given to us from the Father’s heart. It is our joy to share it with you.

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