You First Loved Me

You made me to lie down in green pastures, You lead me beside still water to drink
You made the rainbow so I’d never have to say, You gave me ears so I could hear Your voice
Just yo know You love me more than the sparrow
Just to think You would love me after I betray You
Turn away and walk from You, You made this world
Held it in the palm of Your hand, You have carved my name there too
You told the oceans you can only go this far
Now Your telling me to go all the way, You’ve called me out with You To walk the water
You’ve called me out To be separate from this world, Different from this world
Sweet Jesus I´ve fallen so in love with You
I can’t take my eyes off You, Your beauty runs too deep
Sweet Lord and Savior I can’t breathe without You
I’m so in love with you Because You first loved me.