Kirk & Lesley would like to share their heart with you by telling you this music you are listening to came from a dark time of loss, hurt and great personal sacrifice. After their marriege in 2003, they recorded their first worship CD, “Covenant.” It was well received by many across the nation. After the birth of their first son Jacob, they found themselves ministering on and  off, and were on staff for a short time at a church in New York. As God was closing that door in their lives, they went home to Michigan to run a small business and minister part time. God slowly began to open many doors, and one that He opened was meeting worship artist and record producer Kevin Prosh. They were planning on recording this CD in November of 2006, but on a freak, bitter cold day in September of 2006, Kirk lost total movement in his face and was struck with double Bells Pasly and double Trigeninal Neuralgia. He had battled with both in the past, but never together and no to this extent. With little to no momvement in his face, singing was almost impossible. Simple things like eating and drinking became a great struggle. To make things worse, they lost what was to be there second child, Steven Michael at 5 months pregnant.

Challenged by their situation, they found themselves praying, fasting and crying out to God. A friend came to encourage them and he  spoke prophetically into their lives. He challenged them to “step out” in faith by following the Spirit of God while ministering out on the road. He and His wife loaned them an RV. Then Kirk, Lesley and Jacob set out to see what God would have for them across the nation, from Virginia to California. One door opened after another, and God began to move and use them incredible life changing ways. Several hundred were saved, touched and heded.

The finally got into studio in August of 2007 and Kirk’s face was healing, but fully recovered. The music recording process come out flawless, but at the scrutiny of a seasoned producer’s ear; Kirk still could not sing in key and had problems pronouncing many words. With much mercy, greace and commitment, Kevin tried several times to record Kirk’s vocals over a period of almost 19 months.

Finally, in February of 2009, Kirk’s face was functionung at about 80%. They decided that it was well enough to finish the project, so they completed it.

It is Kirk and Lesley’s hope and prayer that you will appreciate the tenacity, perseverance and commitment it took everyone involved to complete this recording. Their desire was to get it into your hands so that God may touch your heart and you would know hoy perfect and great His love is for you. To God be all the glory, honor and praise. Peace be with you…