Testimony Kirk Martin

The Testimony of Kirk Martin

Kirk Martin i a man whose life is nothing less than a miracle. This transformation from a satanic “Rock Star”, driven monster, to the Christian worship leader and evangelist that he is today, offers a life changing look at the true redemptive power of Jesus Christ.

God’s calling takes Kirk and his family around the world, where the hearts of thousands of people are changed after hearing them preach the Word of GOd, and share this compelling testimony. Kirk`’s candid approach about personal experiences of abuse, violent and perverted behaviors, and the redemption that followed, offer a message that transcends generations. his life, marriage to wife Lesley and the anoited worship they are inspired to write by the Holy spirit, are living proof that Jesus is still doing miracles today!

This God-breathed ministry will not only reach those who are lost and dying, but it promises to rekindle the faith of those already walking with our Lord, whose desire is to know him better.