• Kirk & Lesley Martin - Beautiful


Kirk and Lesley’s paths to cross at a First Nations Worship conference in Ottawa Canada. After hours of talking on the phone and emailing each other, Kirk and Lesley discovered they had a common hunger to find and lead lost and hurting people, into the glory and presence of GOD. They would sit for hours praying, worshiping and seeking the face of Jesus, which helped create many of the songs on the worship CD Covenant.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to Covenant. This praise and worship music was given to us from the Father’s heart. It is our joy to share it with you.

Words cannot express our thankfulness and trust in you Lord. You are the inspiration and the substance of our love for one another. Thank you for inspiring us in our lives, in our music, in our passion for the lost, and mos importanly, in our love for you. You are the air we breathe.

Be Blessed.