Greetings to you Pastor in the matchless name of Jesus,

We are delighted that you have decided to visit our site today. You are our honored visitor! We believe that you are here by God’s divine appointment. So as you learn more about us, it is our hope that you would be encouraged to have us come and share our gifting with your body. We’d love to meet you and your people and watch God move through us and in your people!

The first thing that we would like to tell you is that we travel full-time across North America leading worship and speaking  at churches, conferences and youth events. We are a family based ministry, meaning everything that we do is as a family. We stick together! For us, we believe that GOD has set our ministry up that way to be an example and an encouragement to families all over North America. Knowing from the WORD, that the first thing GOD created was the family, we believe that is the first thing on the enemy list of things that he has been trying to destroy since time began. Our relationship with GOD is first and foremost in our lives, then of coarse our family and then our ministry. We are a family that does “church” as a life style, at home, and on the road.

Our heart is never to entertain people, but to lead them into the presence of GOD where they can meet with Jesus personally, one on one,  to experience supernatural healing, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. For our family, it is about more than us just coming to your church or you “having us in” so to speak, it is much more for us. Our heart is to come and make a connection between Heaven, your people, and your community.  We long for “relationship” with you and your people!! We want to become part of your family, a tool that you can use in the years to come to build the Kingdom of God in your community. We want people to have a real “Jesus, the Creator experience” when we minister. It is never show and tell and we never come to impress.  It is never about numbers, money or what you can do for us…..It is all about us serving HIM for you, and what HE can use us to do for your people and community. We don’t just want to come to your church; we want to be part of your church.  We want to be part of your vision and an arm of your spiritual community.

Dr. Edwin Lewis Cole, once told Kirk, “out of all the testimonies I have ever heard, yours is one that always will stick out in my mind. It truly brings hope to all man kind, that God would be good enough to forgive even some one as lost as you were!”  We come to bring hope to people in your body and community that feel at times that their lives or situations might be hopeless.  With my dramatic testimony and the unique ministry gifts that God has placed upon my wife and I to draw people into His presence with worship, our desire is to be a great encouragement and come along side pastors and their staff to bring new life and hope to broken people. Evangelizing the lost in any community can only take place around and with in the community of the local church. Again we are a tool for you to use.

Our FamilyWe truly are hungry for a great move of GOD in this land, with out it, this world will crumble and fall. There is such a great hunger in us to see the salvation of our GOD spread to every person that has ears to hear. It was prophesied over Kirk, several years ago by Pastor Mark Cowart from Church for All Nations, and then again a few months later, all most the same thing was prophesied to Kirk  by Reverend Paul Duplantis:

“That there were millions of people that were waiting to hear my voice, that my voice would turn on spiritual ears…that many were waiting to hear what God has given me to say, that they would not hear another. That they would just know that I understand where they are in life and I understand how they hurt. That I was not to worry about what I would have to say, that God would give me the words. That there would be times that I would be preaching and prophesying and things would come out of my mouth that would make me stop and say to myself, wait, this cannot be from me, this could only be from the Spirit of God. That I was not to worry about money that God would supernaturally bring money to the ministry… That God was going to place such a powerful anointing upon me that people would just look at me and know that I am with the Lord.”

We feel as though a giant wave is building and the “church” is on the verge of the greatest harvest of souls that we  have ever seen since time was recorded, and we believe that we are called to be part of that wave.

Blessings to you and yours….

Kirk, Lesley, Jacob, Daniel and Matthew.